Revel Marathon–Big Bear Race results and recap

Hello! I ran the Revel big Bear Marathon this weekend! I did a bunch of Instagram stories on it – make sure you’re following @RunEatRepeat on IG for the updates!!

I hadn’t run a full marathon in a long time so I was stressed and uncertain of how it would go. I wanted to have fun. I wanted to run well and get in a strong long run / marathon / mental exercise situation. and I think I did alright with all of those. I still have a very far way to go if I want to run faster, but I feel a lot much more confident now! I’m confident I’m capable of running better and accomplishing hard goals. now I just need to get particular with what those goals are and a plan to go after them. but today… I’m relaxing, eating and recapping my race…

Revel Marathon big Bear Race results – top 10 Highlights

1. My 1 pal and only running buddy skinny Runner aka @BarlesHambone came all the way from the north west suggestion of the USA to come run with me!!*

2. Steve biked all the way from Pasadena to big Bear to view me finish!!**

3. I saw Elise on the bus, Pam before the race and a lot of followers on the course and at the Finish!!Thank you for saying Hi!!!***

4. team Run eat Repeat rocked the race!! The half marathon and marathon runners ran fast and strong! (If you want a discount for Revel Hawaii – check out my Race discounts page)****

5. I wanted to give up at mile 20… but I didn’t.

6. I made 2 restroom stops during the race. and I wasn’t quick about it.

7. It wasn’t as cold as I thought it was going to be at the start. but we were prepared with throw away gear, ponchos, beanies and hot hands.

8. I wanted to give up at mile 22… and I did – – well, I walked for a while and gave myself a pep talk.*****

I felt exhausted and wanted it to be over. I told SR I was done and didn’t care if I did a sub-4 hour marathon after all. I just wanted it to be over. She kept pushing me and encouraging me to suck it up and keep going. At the time I was made at her. We argued like an old married couple. but I kept my voice down (well, it was quiet for me at least). She kept on me trying different ways to motivate me…

SR: ‘don’t you think everyone wants it to be over? that’s not just you…’
Me: (silent anger)
SR: ‘do it for the insta’
Yo no. I don’t care, you know I don’t care about that.
SR: ‘we’re practically done…’
Me: I was done miles ago.
SR: ‘make it a time you can be happy of’
Me: I’m happy of just doing this! I don’t care about my time.
SR: ‘c’mon! ¡¡Podemos hacer esto!!…’
(another runner hears her try to motivate me and chimes in… )
Me: (gives SR a look because I’m not pleased that now strangers are bugging me when I clearly am not interested in being motivated and would like to call an uber or an ambulance)
SR: ‘we have 20 much more minutes. I think you can be unpleasant for 20 much more minutes…’
Me: *(thinking bad words) puts in my headphones and starts to run*

Finish time: 3:50:46! I just wanted to run a sub-4 hour marathon. and I’m pleased with this extra because I really never got in the zone. I felt kinda exhausted and crappy the whole time. I’m not sure if that’s because of the elevation, my fitness level, me still combating off being sick or a combination of all of those.

But the point is – I did it. Ya estoy de vuelta. I can still run 26.2 miles. I’m not as out of marathon shape as I thought.

10. It was gorgeous!! The big Bear Marathon is a stunning downhill course! The views were amazing. I wanted to stop and take tons of videos and pictures, but kept it to a few because I was expected to be running.

We were so high up in elevation that it looked like we were above the clouds at some points. and the sunrise views on the mountains – it was so so gorgeous!

We ran on a 2 lane road from big Bear to Redlands – it’s not somewhere runners can run safely. So it was very special and I’m very grateful that we got to run here and see the mountains in a way many don’t get to enjoy! I really loved it!

10.5 post race they handed out donuts, pizza and chocolate milk!! ¡Oh sí!

This is the victory lap.

It was a terrific race and I really miss running with SR so it was extra awesome. and now that I think about it… I don’t know if I would have done it if she didn’t come out to run the full! So again, she is good and I hope she makes a decision living off the grid in Gnome, AK is not that fun and moves back to run with me all the time.

Next post – I’ll talk about food! We ate a bunch of good stuff!! It probably wasn’t the best fuel for before a full marathon – but we didn’t plan out the timing of lunch/dinner and driving from OC to Redlands. Fallar. but it was mostly okay.

Oh – and make sure to follow me on Pinterest to find much more race recaps & reviews, recipes, workouts and more!

I never talk about Pinterest and forget to mention it until someone contacts me from a Pin they saw and I think I ought to remind you to follow me there… so, um… that’s what I’m¡haciendo!

*Sigue las tablas Pinterest de Eat Eat Repe Repeéética aquí*

Notas de mi lista:

*SR no vive en Alaska, ella vive en Washington, pero creo que es esencialmente lo mismo. No conozco mapa-ología.

** Steve estuvo allí porque es un entrenador de carrera y varios de los miembros del equipo de este Soul Runners corrieron la carrera.

*** Olvidé por qué puse un asterisco en este número.

**** Sí, estoy trabajando para obtener un código de descuento de equipo para las otras carreras de Revel. Tengo uno para Hawai: verifique la página de descuentos en la carrera.

***** Ahora que la carrera ha terminado … Estoy muy agradecido de que SR me empujó. En ese momento terminé. No iba a dejar de fumar, pero solo quería caminar las últimas millas. Me sentí como basura. Pero ciertamente pude superarlo porque lo hice. Si ella no estuviera allí alentándome a seguir corriendo, ¡habría caminado mucho más! Entonces, sí, ella era mejor que tenía mucho más que dar.

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